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Copper in Mouthpieces, WHERE, WHY and HOW


Copper is used in a variety of places in the mouthpiece. Let’s start with the most common use. We inlay stripes of copper into all of the smooth bars of our mouthpieces.

Copper Rings are utilized in our 003 and 004 Mouthpieces

Crickets or Rollers are another place you will find copper used in our bits.

WHY we use Copper in our Mouthpieces.

Copper in mouthpieces increases salivation, which in turn encourages relaxation of the tongue and lower mandible or jaw. Greater relaxation increases communication between horse and rider. So it’s a win/win for both!!

HOW does Copper work in Mouthpieces

When saliva is introduced to 2 dissimilar metals, a very small electric current takes place and causes a chemical reaction resulting in increased salivation. This is called Galvanism.

WHY Copper and not another metal

Although we can use any 2 dissimilar metals we choose Copper because it is a softer metal and more malleable to work with. It s also shiny and who doesn’t like a little shiny!

We believe Copper is a very important part of well made bit. Yes, it takes additional time and expense but increased comfort and communication with your horse is always worth it. Greg Darnall Bits is always looking for ways to accommodate the oral cavity of the horse and create a better experience for both horse and rider.

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