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Greg Darnall Bits and Spurs

For nearly a half century, master silversmith and metal working artisan Greg Darnall has shaped the equine world’s view of bits and spurs and how they are best used in the quest for better horsemanship.


While focusing solely on creating custom bits and spurs since 2009, many of Greg’s earliest bits, dating to a time when Richard Nixon was President, are still in service today, along with a long line of hardware created by bit makers who were inspired by Greg’s innovative designs.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Greg re-entered the mainstream market in 2017, led by the introduction of a new line of bits. produced in his GD Shop in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Additionally, Greg has launched an educational DVD, entitled Education vs. Domination. What Role Does The Bit Play?  This first title in the Darnall DVD Series covers topics ranging from Anatomy of the Mouth and Anatomy of the Bit to x-ray demonstrations of how bits ranging from Snaffle to Spade work in horses’ mouths.


Even more exciting, this spring Greg will take his expertise on the road, with a series of live, on-location clinics to help equine enthusiasts across North America.

We hope you’ll join us for this new and exciting chapter of Greg’s career. To learn more and find out where Greg will be hosting clinics, please contact us.

Remember, as Greg always says, “It’s up to all of us to preserve the cowboy culture of the American West and keep our traditions alive.”

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